The 'Catch' series explores the materiality of site and technology with works focusing on the errors inherent within digital technologies, exposing failure within technology. My recent research concentrates on the materiality of data in 3D technologies that are subject to cloud computing. Environmental and historical concerns are encapsulated in a collection of works which explore the locations of cloud computing sites and the materials which compose them. These range from copper quarries to e-waste sites, embarking on an investigation into the life-span of media which becomes more pervasive in society yet leaves indelible effects on the environment. These concepts are realised through 3D photogrammetry of the site, materialised in 3D paper models, delicately cut and formed by hand. These works are developing towards a set of new sculptural and installation works in larger scale using those pioneering techniques of 3D technology and papercraft. 
Obscurer, Monty's Gallery, London. 2016 
Created as part of JHB Archive, Birmingham Open Media. 2015. 
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